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February Technical Tip: Inventory from a Share

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From time-to-time, you may wish to perform an “agent-less” inventory of your machines. Maybe you don’t want to install a client on specific computers (such as servers or test machines), but you still want to collect inventory data. Or perhaps some of your computers have limited network access and therefore can’t report directly to the Express Database. You can collect hardware and software inventory data on such machines by running the inventory from a network share. When you perform an inventory using this approach, you’ll need to set up a network share location that your client machine can access.

To do so, simply follow these instructions:

1) Bring up Help from within the Admin Console

2) On the Contents tab, open the Inventory section

3) Click on the Overview topic

4) Scroll down, and click on the “Inventory from a network share location” link

This help topic will tell you how to prepare a share with the required files and perform an inventory by accessing the share without the need to install the client on the workstation.