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Gartner’s Take on Enterprise Service Management Is Right, But for the Wrong Reasons

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Article Headline: Gartner's Take on Service Management Is Right for the Wrong Reasons Article Description: Read Jarod Greene's take on Gartner's note regarding ITSM tools being useful "beyond IT." Published Date: 2016-01-12 Modified Date: 2016-01-12 Image URL: Image Width: 823px Image Height: 276px Publisher Name: Cherwell-Software, LLC Logo URL: Logo Width: 600px Logo Height: 60px
  • I Totally agree. Using ITSM tools Beyond IT is not new. I’ve seen the demand for Beyond IT in ITSM tools since at least 2008 and have also been implementing such functionality myself several times at various customers, ranging from Municipality facilities and community services, to Industry production deviation processes, Hospital medical equipment services, finance etc.

    However, working with a legacy system there were always limitations to what could be accomplished in terms of configuration. Sometimes special vendor development was needed, which made the vendor code very complex to maintain in upgrades.

    What Cherwell brings to the table is really it’s high level of flexibility and deep level of content configuration without touching the code of the actual platform. That ensures the secure and hassle free upgrade.

    Example: Yesterday, I upgraded a demo environment from CSM 5.11 to 8.0 in less than 10 minutes without a single issue regarding my configurations or external integrations.

  • Stating that organizations using ITSM tools beyond IT will struggle to see tangible ROI sounds like someone who lives in the land of theory and has little experience in the pragmatic. We chose and implemented Cherwell precisely because of its ability to mold to our business processes. We rarely use it for IT purposes. No other tool can accomplish what we do. So pardon me if I chuckle a bit at the stated assumptions.

  • Jarod

    Thanks for the feedback Jesper. We truly believe we provide the right solution that allows IT organizations to design and build what they need, without the traditional manageability related challenges. When our customers get that tool in their hands they do some truly amazing things!

  • Jarod


    We are so pleased to hear that you’ve achieved tangible ROI with Cherwell! As you know, you certainly aren’t alone in rarely using CSM for IT!!