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Get Social with IT Service Management. It’s Easy

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What I’ve noticed when we talk about the introduction of social media into ITSM is a general reaction of, you’re joking. How? Why? Why on earth would I want to use Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn in conjunction with my IT service delivery?

These people are missing the point. The web is always on.  It makes the world smaller, more connected and more social. Social media tools have power. So, how and why do we harness these tools for use in a business context and for IT service management?

Let’s look at an example. 

You get informed by your tech team that there’s likely to be a phone outage this afternoon due to unavoidable maintenance. This is going to cause a service outage or, at best, a disruption. You tweet this (via Twitter) to your customer base (your users). You’re being proactive and informative, leaving no surprises. As you get updates on the maintenance, you can tweet about them in real time. You can still revert to email to share this information. You’re not necessarily replacing email for this function, but now, you have the option to use other tools along with email.

You can take this example further by embedding a Twitter feed into your service management software solution. This way, you can get instant feedback —good and bad — from your user group. This can motivate your staff, and feedback is always important.

Since your customers are using tools like Twitter in their everyday lives, they’ve come to expect them from their work IT. This is now a challenge. The challenge is being set by what’s happening in your customers’ non-work world.

So, who’s already doing this? Is anyone considering “follow us on Twitter” on their self-service portal home page? Is this working for you? Or, is this just a crazy idea?

If you’re interested, I’m speaking about this topic in a webinar on the 18th January at 10:00 a.m. London time.

You will be able to access this webinar on demand post the event.