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Get to Know the CEO: A Conversation with Craig Harper

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Craig Harper has held several roles at Cherwell—in February 2014, he joined the board, and just months later, he transitioned to a full-time role as President. This September, he became Cherwell’s CEO.

In early October, more than 700 customers, partners, industry experts, and employees gathered for the 4th Annual Cherwell Global Conference. All attendees—as well as the broader Cherwell community—were eager to learn more about Craig Harper. We sat down with Mr. Harper to talk about the company’s unique culture, what he likes best about the Cherwell Global Conference, and his plans for Cherwell’s future.

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Q: Why are Cherwell’s four core values so important to the company?

Harper: Heart, Hunger, Humility, and Honesty make up the foundation of our culture at Cherwell. The technology industry is constantly evolving. I believe our values are timeless and ground us throughout that change. Our customers recognize these values and many cite them as an example of why they chose Cherwell to be their ITSM vendor. They often tell me, “Your company is different. Your culture is different. There’s a lack of arrogance. You listen. You are a true partner. Your team helps us find real and thoughtful solutions.” So, from the very beginning of our interactions, our customers know we are there for them. We’re committed to our customers, which is proven by our 98 percent customer satisfaction rate. So, for me, our customer satisfaction is emblematic of our customer-first culture and our values acting as the pillars of who we are and what we do.

Q: What excites you most about your new position?

Harper: I’m most excited to lead a company that has been on the cutting edge of innovation since its very inception. We’re ready go even further, defining the future of IT and IT service management. Cherwell’s innovation, fueled by the creativity of our customers, partners, and employees, puts us in a position to push the boundaries of IT to accelerate business growth and organization purpose.

Q: What’s your favorite part of CGC?

Harper: I love how CGC gives us the opportunity to bring together our customers from around the world to connect and to learn from each other. The conference gives us a window into how Cherwell can improve as a company, how we can take our products further to better serve our customers, who we hold in the highest regard. Our customers are the heart of Cherwell; we build this company and these products together. I have the privilege of working with the greatest people in the world and the Cherwell Global Conference is an incredible opportunity to bring everyone together into one place to gain tremendous insight.

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Q: What can the world expect from Cherwell in the future?

Harper: At Cherwell, our goal is to become the tool IT reaches for to solve problems and capture new opportunities. I believe there has never been a better time to be in the service management space; there’s a confluence of innovative technology and creative users. Many legacy vendors try to be all things to all people; at Cherwell, our focus is dedicated to the success of IT within the business. So, the world can expect to continue to see great things from Cherwell in the months and years to come.

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  2. Rashke Catlin

    Craig Harper doesn’t just sound good- he is good – at being a leader, motivator and a friend.
    I have tremendous respect and admiration for the way he personally contributes to Cherwell as a company and a culture.

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