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It’s Not Easy Being Green

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If your organization has adopted a “Go Green” initiative and you’re evaluating ways to get IT involved with the effort, check out this article, “Retiring IT Assets for Green Reasons,” by Steve Suesens, of Staples Inc. Though not exhaustive, the column offers helpful advice for using IT asset management best practices to get more out of your deployed assets and determine when retiring those assets makes sense.

As with any IT asset management initiative, whether it be license compliance, reduction of software costs, or planning for an organization-wide OS migration, developing a green policy for IT requires, at its most basic level, detailed computer inventory data revealing what assets exist and their capabilities, and software usage statistics showing what’s being used and what’s sitting idle. Once you’ve blended this information with key considerations such as power consumption, purchase and maintenance costs, recyclability, and more, you can begin to weigh the trade-offs related to various options such as upgrading, replacing, refurbishing, recycling, or donating it the dinosaur exhibit at the Museum of Science and Technology.

Express Software Manager delivers the “discoverable” IT asset data mentioned above that can be used as the foundation of any green IT policy. After that, the hard part begins. Of course, nobody said it was easy being green – but if you do your homework and apply your learning thoughtfully, you’ll receive dividends both in terms of reducing your carbon footprint and strengthening your bottom line.