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Has your Helpdesk Team taken the Ice Bucket Challenge?

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Cherwell Software Founders
If you’ve maintained any presence on social media within the last few months, you’re by now well aware of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Mark Zuckerberg’s done it; Bill Gates has done it; and now, the three Cherwell Software™ founders have done it. Though the founders—CEO Vance Brown, CTO Arlen Feldman, and General Counsel Timothy Pfeifer—undertook the challenge after an employee challenged them, the cause of ALS strikes particularly close to home for Cherwell Software, as Feldman’s father suffered from the disease for five years before his death in 1993. In the video, you’ll hear Feldman discuss the debilitating disease and the effect it had on his father.

You also hear who they chose to nominate in the tradition of the challenge. As Cherwell Software has done, you can offer your own donations to the ALS Association. Read more about the disease and the challenge here.