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Hey IT — Remember, It’s the Customer That Pays the Wages

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I couldn’t let this pass me by — a great new blog post on Computerworlduk about IT and customer service.  Firstly, I must acknowledge both Paul Wilkinson of GamingWorks and Stephen Mann of Forrester for getting the article ‘out there’.  Paul’s satirical style is witty, whilst highlighting a sorry state of affairs – you simply must read the article.

But, this article made me think that like all organisations providing a service or solution to customers, IT traditionally forgets about the customer experience.  I wonder how many I&O organisations could benefit from taking an Outside-In approach, considering their customers’ experience.

IT so very rarely takes a look at itself from the customer’s perspective.  Moreover, if you consider that IT doesn’t often appreciate it’s providing a service to customers, then expecting IT to look at itself wearing the customers shoes is a tall order.  But, whilst this is rare, you do find pockets of supreme excellence where IT organisations map their customer experience journeys.

They focus efforts and policies in support of their customer experience objectives.  They utilise automation in their IT Service Management software suites to ensure consistency and quality of the customer experience, driving home a continuous message aligned to their customer experience goals.  They utilise dashboards and analytics from their ITSM tool to check on the KPIs that really matter for customer experience, not the same old incident counting that only IT cares about.  They implement business relationship management in their tools so that the customer/business relationship has a full 360 degree perspective, and they serve up customer aligned portals to reinforce the customer experience via self-service.

As an optimist, I have faith that one day not too far in the future, all IT and I&O organisations will recognise that, like anyone serving customers, it’s the customers that ultimately pay the wages.