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How B/E Aerospace Uses ITSM Technology to Solve Human Resources Challenges

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B/E Aerospace is the world’s leading manufacturer of aircraft cabin interior products. As Director of Global Support Services, one of my main objectives is to ensure our end users – Engineers, Accountants, Sales Representatives, Executives and Operations Staff – are receiving the best service as quickly as possible, so that everyone remains productive. With over 10,000 employees, this is not an easy feat.

In 2010, I began my search for a solution to meet our internal IT Service Management needs. At the time, B/E Aerospace was using an outsourced provider.  We went through the process of identifying internal processes and setting up a team.  We anticipated taking over 150,000 calls each year with only fourteen service desk technicians. With a lean service desk team and such a large end user base to support, we needed a system that was robust, yet flexible enough to meet our needs.  After our selection process and implementing Cherwell within our IT department, we discovered that its functionality could help us streamline other areas of the business.

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Using ITSM Technology in Human Resources

One of the biggest problems my team faced was an overload of HR-related emails, calls, and self-service tickets that contained inconsistent information, required extensive follow-up in order to obtain accurate details, and were not 100 percent IT-focused. Since I understood the capabilities available in Cherwell, I knew the solution could help restructure this HR on-boarding and off-boarding process that was overloading my team.

I knew my team was struggling with this excess work, so I took it upon myself to sit down with our HR leadership team to discuss the process and propose a solution that I thought would benefit everyone. The HR team agreed with my proposal to leverage the capabilities in Cherwell to manage the on-boarding and off-boarding process, and we spent close to three weeks with the HR team to fully understand and outline their process.

The HR team has a checklist of activities that need to be completed when an employee is on-boarded or off-boarded. These activities include anything from providing/removing access to a system to creating a payroll account. In order to guarantee the collection of accurate information, account for all necessary tasks, and automate the process, we set up a self-service form within Cherwell with a list of questions HR will answer when a new employee begins working or is terminated from B/E Aerospace. In addition, we configured behind-the-scenes automation rules to remove as much manual work as possible.

For example, when an employee leaves the company, it is likely that their manager will require access to the data on their personal network drive. Unfortunately, this is not as simple as turning on their computer and logging in. At B/E Aerospace, we have legal checks and balances to make sure we don’t violate any privacy laws. When an HR self-service form is completed and a manager requests access to a terminated employee’s data, a legal review case is created in Cherwell. The legal team is assigned the case, reviews the manager’s legal justification for access, and either approves or denies the request. When the request is approved, a Cherwell ticket is automatically created and assigned to the networking department to allow the manager access to the former employee’s personal drive.

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The ROI of ITSM Technology

Initially, we spent several weeks understanding the process HR follows, but the return on that time was extensive. We are a very large company and off-board approximately 1000 people each year, with a third of them requiring legal review. The self-service form, along with the automated workflow has eliminated the inconsistent data and clean-up activities formerly performed by our IT Service Desk team. This has saved IT approximately 21 hours each month, and it took us only 3 hours to implement the process in Cherwell. As a result, we’ve cut both the HR and IT team’s time formerly spent managing on-boarding and off-boarding tasks.

Because Cherwell is intuitive and easy to master, HR trained their own team on how to use the tool. This was a win-win situation for everyone involved and caused us to look at other processes throughout the organization that could benefit from Cherwell’s service management capabilities.

We found that IT purchasing suffered from the same challenges, inconsistent information, and plenty of unnecessary clean-up. We were able to follow a very similar format and automate the purchasing process for approximately 2000 requests annually. Needless to say, this also saves the service desk time and money.

We have had such success with Cherwell’s ability to simplify and automate processes, both in and out of our IT department, that we intend to continue expanding. The next group we expect to work with is our Facilities team. We’ll start with Cherwell’s Facilities Essential mApp and then configure it to meet our exact requirements. We have no doubt that we will be able to leverage Cherwell far beyond what we have already accomplished and it’s a bonus that it is so simple for us to do!

Integrating line of business processes with the underlying framework offered by ITSM solutions has never been easier. How do you convince non-IT departments to leverage your existing ITSM software?

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