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How Technology Business Management Links IT Services to Business Needs

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The truth is, while many ITIL initiatives benefit IT organizations, they do not always deliver the full value back to the business. This is particularly the case when an organization applies ITIL with a technology-centric, “inside-out” approach to service management, instead of a customer-centric or “outside-in” approach that focuses on business needs and outcomes. To achieve an “outside-in” perspective, IT must first be able to relate to the business in familiar terms.

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What is Technology Business Management?

Technology Business Management (TBM) provides the missing link required to integrate IT services with the needs of the business, maximize business value, and quantify that contribution to the business. This is achieved through a decision-making framework that relies on cost visibility and cost transparency to empower meaningful conversations between IT and business stakeholders. When IT and business stakeholders are able to “speak the same language” they can determine the cost and quality tradeoffs required to optimize “run-the-business” spending and “change-the-business” investments. When combined with ITSM and ITIL, TBM provides a practical, applied approach for maximizing the business value received from every dollar invested in a services portfolio.

How can Technology Business Management help technology leaders?

At the core of TBM is a decision-making methodology that helps technology leaders and their business partners collaborate on optimizing how IT dollars are spent – for example, determining whether the benefits of storage re-tiering are worth the additional cost. Other examples include data center consolidation, retiring unneeded or duplicate applications, and costs to self-service and the service desk. Just as important, since IT resources are finite, TBM helps determine which of those initiatives (or combination thereof) can yield the greatest bang for the buck. Such tradeoffs are essential in finding ways to deliver greater value even in the face of resource constraints. Apptio is the leading provider of cloud-based TBM software for managing the business of IT, which drives deep visibility into IT cost, quality and performance, to strategically align operational and financial processes. 

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Apptio and Cherwell 

Apptio is pleased to be partnering with Cherwell Software, providing Cherwell customers the opportunity to seamlessly export Cherwell Service & Asset Management Data into Apptio’s Cost Transparency Application. We are in the process of piloting the first joint customers in North America & EMEA, and look forward to expanding the partnership. Cherwell Software is also a strong supporter of the TBM Council, a forum in which CIOs and IT leaders from all over the world meet and discuss TBM best practices.

With Cherwell Software, you streamline your IT service management infrastructure, configure the solution to meet your business needs, and go beyond IT service management to deliver additional business functionality. You can respond quickly to business needs, but to manage the cost, quality, and value of IT, you also need a solution that’s flexible enough to easily incorporate multiple data sources from across your organization, yet simple enough for easy adoption and a short learning curve. This is where Apptio comes into play, as it helps you quickly find answers that accelerate the business through enhanced cost visibility and improved ability to analyze costs in the context of IT operations. Further, you are able to understand the true cost of applications, services, and infrastructure, as well as making decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.

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About the author: Andreas Ohrbeck is the Director of Corporate Business Development at Apptio. Ohrbeck has been part of the Apptio Business Development team since 2012 and was formerly the Vice President of Strategic Business Development for IT Security vendor Secunia, recently acquired by Flexera. Ohrbeck leads the Apptio Technology Partner Program, and manages the partner relationship between Apptio and a number of leading IT vendors, focusing on Apptio’s GTM opportunities with the TBM ecosystem of technology vendors.