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How to Be an IT Superstar and Other ITSM News

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As IT professionals, we’re living in a golden age of technology, information, and communication. Our focus this week is all about professional and personal development. Are you interested in becoming your best IT self? Here are some of the articles that caught our attention.

6 Traits of Up-and-Coming IT Stars

Aside from superior technical skills and ambition, what other characteristics do emerging IT superstars share? Tracy Mayor’s article for Computerworld answers that question. For one thing, they don’t shy away from the overwhelming projects. They tackle the behemoth because they understand the importance of innovation and strategy. The most successful IT leaders aren’t afraid of failure and, most importantly, are passionate about what they do, day in and day out. Read the 6 Traits of Up-and-Coming IT Stars to learn more.

10 Business Skills Every IT Pro Must Master

It’s easy for us to talk about making professional growth a priority, but it’s important to be clear and specific about what skills to develop. If you are intentional when you list your weaknesses, you’re likely to be more successful in seizing the opportunity to improve. This article from Bob Lewis of InfoWorld discusses why it’s vital to develop skills like listening, negotiation, collaboration, and more. Our advice? Once you’ve identified the skills you’d like to develop, set measureable goals and find a trusted colleague or mentor to hold you accountable. Learn the 10 Business Skills Every IT Pro Must Master.

2015 Global CIO Survey Results

Another way to be your best IT self is to stay current on what’s happening in the world of technology. To that end, we suggest checking out the 2015 Global CIO Survey from Deloitte University Press. More than 1,200 CIOs across 21 industries were surveyed, including 20 percent who are part of Global 1000 companies. Find out what they define as key metrics for success, including their views on attracting, retaining, and motivating the right talent. Also, see what they define as the top five enterprise priorities. Read the 2015 Global CIO Survey Results.

We hope you find this week’s news roundup helpful as you work to be your best IT self.