How to Find IT Success and Other ITSM News

In today’s world of technology, innovation, and speed, the smartest IT leaders are focused on one thing: perfection. But, what does perfection mean when it comes to IT? From finding your way on the road to success to understanding the one thing every IT team needs in order to innovate, this week’s ITSM News Roundup focuses on the never-ending journey to pure IT perfection. Plus, we explore the role of the CIO — is it really a thankless job? Read on to learn more. 

The Road to Success: Tech Leaders Tell All

In this article from cio.com, Paul Hetzel explores the paths taken by some of today’s most successful tech leaders. How did they get started? What challenges did they overcome along the way? Hetzel goes straight to the source to find out all the secrets we can learn from today’s tech giants. To learn more, read The Road to Success: Tech Leaders Tell All.  

Pursuit of Perfection

In this article, Saravanan Gurumurthy examines the role of continuous improvement in Japanese business. Is continuous improvement incompatible with disruptive innvoation? Gururmurthy explains we cannot have one without the other. Check out the article Pursuit of Perfection to learn more about how continuous improvement can help your team

Everyone in IT Needs to Know One Thing

Paul Arthur began his IT career in a major bank. During this time, he learned a valuable lesson that totally changed his views on how IT and the business should function together. In this article, Arthur discusses his time at the bank and the one thing everyone in IT should know in order to best serve the business. Read Everyone in IT Needs to Know One Thing

Is Being CIO Really a Thankless Job?

In our final article, we turn to CXOtoday, who examines the role of the CIO in today’s world. Most of us believe the CIO role has become a key position in every boardroom. But, are we forgetting to show gratitude? CXOtoday discovered a recent study finds more than half of the CIO, CTO, or IT staff are not thanked for the work they do. What does this mean? Read Is Being CIO Really a Thankless Job and learn more