How To Get the Most from ITSM Vendors and more ITSM News

With busy schedules and never-ending to-do lists, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details and overlook the big picture. In this week’s IT service management (ITSM) news round-up, we’re taking a look at a holistic approach to IT service management, starting with the vendor and working our way to the end user. Is the ITSM of today the same as the ITSM of yesterday? And, how can we get the most out of our relationships with our vendors and ensure we’re not relying on too many vendors to meet our needs. Read on to learn the answers.

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Traditional ITSM Is Dead; Long Live The New ITSM!

In this article from CXOToday, Chetan Nagaonkar examines where IT service management started and, more important, where it is today. How are IT leaders using ITSM solutions? Nagaonkar highlights the difference between those who take products at face value and those who truly dig into the best practices of the solution they’ve chosen. To learn more, check out Traditional ITSM Is Dead.  

7 Ways to Get the Most from Your Vendors

As an IT leader, how are you approaching your relationships with vendors? In an article for Computerworld, Mary K. Pratt discusses strategies to ensure you are getting the highest possible return on your investment with each of your vendors. Pratt offers ideas ranging from hosting on-site vendor events to building partnerships with smaller vendors, and much more. Learn 7 Ways to Get the Most from Your Vendors.

5 Tips for Improving the ITSM End-User Experience

On his website, I.T. as I see IT, Marcel Shaw focuses on all things IT. In this article, Shaw examines the end-user experience. He warns against over-committing and under-delivering and emphasizes the importance of keeping end-users informed and involved when it comes to IT projects. As an IT leader, your success depends on the success of those you serve. Find out the 5 Tips for Improving the ITSM End-User Experience.

3 Lessons the NBA Teaches Us about the Failed Promise of ITOM Mega-Suites

Finally, our last article comes to us from Cherwell’s own Jarod Greene. Just as Pratt suggests in the above article, Greene emphasizes the benefits of choosing smaller, more innovative vendors over those who deliver more monolithic legacy solutions. In this article, IT leaders can learn how to approach IT operations management (ITOM) like an NBA coach, focusing on strategy, chemistry, and development. Read the 3 Lessons the NBA Teaches about the Failed Promise of ITOM Mega-Suites to learn more