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How To Make Sure All Tasks Are Closed Before Resolving and Incident

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IIS, Website RedirectQuestion:
How can I be sure all tasks are closed before resolving an incident?
Answer: This can be accomplished by running a One-Step ™ to place the incident in a resolved status.

The One-Step will have a condition that looks at the number of tasks not in a closed state. If that number

is not equal to 0, the One-Step will not run.

First, you will need to update your existing One-Step that runs when clicking on the resolve button.
A custom expression can be added to the section labeled “Only allow One-step to be run based on condition.”

Click the icon to build the custom expression. The custom expression will be an aggregate expression that equals 0. Click the  icon again on the custom expression screen.

  • Editor: Aggregate
  • Relationship: Incident Owns Task
  • Function: Count
  • Limit: Custom Expression

Click OK to save your changes.

You now have a condition on the One-Step based on an aggregate count of tasks not being closed. If it is not equal to 0, the One-Step will not run.  You can take this same concept and apply it to other areas of Cherwell Service Management.