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Kris Barker Invited to Speak at IBSMA’s SAM Summit

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For anyone planning to attend the IBSMA’s SAM Summit this June in Chicago, be sure not to miss Kris Barker’s presentation on application recognition, entitled: “Software Identification: What You Need To Know.”

The focus of this year’s event is “mastering software license management”. According to the event web site, attendees will “…learn what it takes to be the best at managing contracts, ensuring compliance and running the latest tools.”

Kris’ presentation ties perfectly into this year’s theme, in that it will address the critical role software identification plays in your software asset management efforts. Topics will include: why accurate application recognition is so important, the existing methodologies for identifying apps(along with their pitfalls), the current state of software tagging, and the role technology plays in application recognition.

More information about the SAM Summit can be found here.