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March Technical Tip: Ignore Terminal Server Usage

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Do you have users connecting to your domain from remote locations whose activity you want to exclude from your software usage reporting? If so, this technical tip is for you.

As we all know, Express Software Manager asset management software is designed to collect application usage statistics from users, computers, remote devices, and even thin clients connecting and running applications on Microsoft Windows Terminal Servers (WTS) and Citrix XenApp servers.

There may be occasions, however, when you don’t want to collect software usage data. TIgnore Remote Usagehis may be the case, for example, if a worker is using a machine that’s not part of your domain (i.e. a home computer or machine at an internet cafe) to access applications via WTS or Citrix.

Express Software Manager has a feature that lets you specify not to collect usage data from remote client machines that are not part of your domain and are accessing applications on WTS and Citrix servers.

This feature is called “Ignore Terminal Server Usage,” and it can be enabled by following these instructions:

  1. From the Machine menu, click Client Options.
  2. In the Client Options dialog box, click the Advanced tab.
  3. In the Advanced tab, select the Ignore remote usage through terminal server option.
  4. Click OK.

…and voila! Thin client usage from remote devices will be automatically ignored going forward.

One important consideration to be aware of when enabling this feature is that doing so could potentially cause you to run afoul of your license agreements. This would be the case if the machine connecting into the terminal server were to launch an application that’s licensed per-seat; in this situation, the usage from the remote machine would be overlooked, forcing you out of compliance. In this scenario, you would not want to enable this feature.