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Innovative Technology Built Upon Timeless Values

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We hosted our 2nd Annual Cherwell Advisory Board Conference this week here in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. Cherwell Customers from around the world joined us for a few days of educational and informative sessions, hosted by Cherwell, including a sneak peak at Cherwell 4.0 due to launch December 2011. Customers themselves also shared their use of Cherwell, including personal customizations and successes, in their area of expertise. It’s been a great week! But, the most important part is that our customers benefited, enjoyed, and grew! But don’t just hear it from us, I’ll let Anne Vail share her heart.

This is a post in our Cherwell Community Site from Anne Vail commenting on yesterday’s Cherwell Advisory Board Meeting:

I should be sleeping now I know. Not that it’s particularly late, it isn’t by most standards. It’s just the end of a very long, jam packed day and my body tells me I should be exhausted. My mind, however, isn’t so willing to lay down just yet.

I am wired. I am so stoked by adrenaline that only comes from spending the day with unique, stimulating, exciting people who are brimming with excitement and energy inspired by Cherwell! Sounds geeky, I’ll give you that, but dang! We had a great meeting today! From our fevered start to the last trailing minutes of conversation, everyone I observed, listened to, and talked with, had a unique and riveting story to tell. I will never tire of hearing, of seeing, of feeling the impact this small group of dedicated professionals has on our lives. I used to think it was just me, and like I told Vance years ago, even I think it’s a little weird that I credit a software company with changing my life, but Cherwell has.

Cherwell is so much more than a vendor in the ITSM market. We all know Cherwell is different. They have the “it” factor, the special sauce as we heard today, from customers old and new, with both weathered and shining experiences to share. There is so much power in the simplicity of the tool, power in the singular vision to innovate using timeless values, power in the commitment to never lose sight of what really matters, people.

I stand aside in absolute awe of each and every one of you.

It is an honor to serve you.

Thank you!

Anne Vail is the Director of Production Support at GIS in Columbia, South Carolina. She has over 15 years of experience in the field of IT. Not only has she implemented Cherwell twice, for two different companies in the last 4 years, she is the Chair for our Customer Advisory Board, as well as a dear friend.