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Introducing Cherwell Service Management Foundations Class

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Cherwell Service Management Foundation Courses"What’s in a name? Have you attended training at Cherwell? Which class was it? Basic Administrator or System Administration? Or, was it simply called the Admin class? If you attended a class with any of these titles, it was actually the same course.

Those of us at Cherwell Software who are involved in training admit that we are the guiltiest when it comes to using inconsistent naming conventions for this class. So, we took a hard look at what we are teaching, and we believe we have landed on a name for the class that is purposeful and reflects the content being taught.

Moving forward the name for our monthly customer class is Cherwell Service Management Foundations.

Just in case you are wondering, the content for this course is based on CSM version 4.6, and it covers the basics of CSM. It kicks off with an exploration of the demo Service Catalog, Incident, and other pre-built workflows in the demo data. Then, moves into Business Objects, Blueprints, and relational database basics. Mid-way through it covers Expressions, One-Steps, and business processes—making the system come to life. Finally after skimming the surface of CSM Administrator Settings, customizing the demo Self-Service Portal, and comparing the browser client to CSM, it comes back down to earth with searches, dashboards and reports.

What’s in a name? For this course the name says it all. It teaches the basics, and it is a good foundation to start with CSM.

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