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Introducing the Cherwell Global Conference

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Cherwell Global Conference 2014
Tomorrow marks the first day of Cherwell’s 2014 Global Conference, beginning three event-filled days in a beautiful mountain setting at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. Customers and partners are arriving from all parts of the world for this event, where they’ll be able to talk to Cherwell’s product geniuses, participate in facilitated discussions, and join in classroom-style learning sessions about using Cherwell Service Management®.

The Cherwell Global Conference is also an incredible time for customers, partners, and Cherwell employees to come together in a rare setting and engage with each other. In short, the conference promises to be a huge success—even bigger than last year’s. In light of all this, we spoke with Cherwell’s own Director of Customer Experience, Carrie Cornella, to discuss what makes this event so special.

In just a few words, could you explain what the Cherwell Global Conference is and what the vision behind it is? The Cherwell Global Conference is all about building community and relationships with our customers, partners, analysts, and future customers. There is nothing more important to us than serving our customers! This is a great opportunity for all to connect, learn, and share with one another.

What makes the Cherwell Global Conference a must attend event for customers? What do customers stand to gain by coming? Every aspect of the conference is designed and developed with the customer in mind and based on customer feedback and requests. Customers will have an opportunity to see how their colleagues are taking advantage of the power of Cherwell Service Management, learn from industry experts, share ideas and knowledge that will further enable their success!

How did customers find the Global Conference last year? Last year’s event was a huge success! It was evident in the excitement, the inspiration, the energy—and the customer feedback!

How are you building on the success of last year’s conference to make this year’s conference even better? We listen to our customers. The feedback from last year’s event along gave us some great ideas and we have responded by adding many new and improved options for customers and partners in the 2014 event.

Can you provide us with a sneak peak? The conference is packed with activities including preconference workshops, keynotes, industry expert and analyst presentations, customer and partner showcases, and learning opportunities. Nothing is off limits—we encourage and facilitate interaction between customers, partners, Cherwell’s CEO, President, CTO, as well as our product development team and services and support organization.

Anything in particular that you think is great, or is there something that you’re especially excited about that you’d like to share? I am most encouraged by the excitement building in our Cherwell community. It is obvious our customers and our partners are

What inspires you about this event? At Cherwell, people matter! I speak on behalf of the entire Cherwell team when I say it is personally rewarding to watch the relationships evolve, the new connections and friendships develop, and to see the energy and excitement everywhere. Our purpose has a bigger story than Service Management or Business Enablement. Our purpose is to care for and serve people.