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Is ITIL Still Relevant?

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Ken Wilson, ITIL, Pink ElephantITIL is 23 years old this year. Created in the 1980s with the objective of ensuring better use of IT services and resources, ITIL has grown to become the best practice framework for IT Service Management (ITSM).

John Stewart, who at the time, worked for the UK Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA), now the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), was given a blank sheet of paper and with his co-founder, the late Pete Skinner, assembled a team that started an incredible journey to create the largest IT Management framework in the world. John was given the responsibility to create an IT Best Practice body of knowledge in the form of a Library for initially Government consumption – he gave it the name of GITIMM (Government IT Management Methodology) – what a mouthful!

I often think about the impact ITIL has had and continues to have on the IT Service Desk industry. We had the chance to debate this topic this week at the Service Desk & IT Support Show in London as part of a panel discussion entitled, Who is Murdering ITIL? The general consensus is that ITIL hasn’t failed – in fact, ITIL has made tremendous contributions – but people have failed to implement ITIL properly and to use it properly.

When asked if there is a better option than ITIL, the general consensus was ‘no,’ but Service Desk professionals need to look beyond ITIL at other sources of best practice and to approach things differently: What business problems are we trying to solve? What do we need to fix? What are our customers’ concerns?

Really, it’s about implementing service management, not ITIL. ITIL should serve as a guide.  As one panelist stated, “ITSM is what you should be doing, and ITIL is one way to do it.”

If you’d like to join in this conversation/debate, we’re hosting a webinar with John Stewart on the 30th April at 11am UK time. This really is your chance to speak with an industry expert, so register now and start thinking about those questions you’d like to ask John.