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Is selecting a new Service Desk tool like dating?

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Is selecting a new Service Desk tool like dating?I know what you’re thinking. There must be a mistake with this blog title. Service Desk tool selection likened to dating? Surely not. However, last week, during a Working in Partnership presentation at the UCISA Support Services Conference in Edinburgh, Nici Cooper, assistant director of Support Services at the University of Wolverhampton, described it as just that.;

In early 2011, the University of Wolverhampton made the decision to replace its Service Desk tool. Nici, as a lot of us are, was perplexed by the sheer number of offerings in the IT Service Management market. After finding Cherwell and having that first ‘date’, it was decided that Cherwell encompassed the right qualities for a partnership. What do we all want from a partner? A collaboration; an alliance; a partner who will not leave after the ‘honeymoon period’ but will stay through the ups and down to drive forward and share successes. So, I think Nici is right to compare this selection process to dating.

“Our first date was in late October when Cherwell and other suppliers visited to demonstrate their software and how it aligned with our initial requirements. First dates are always a bit awkward aren’t they, lots of forced smiles and feigning interest, some you just know aren’t going to go any further and others you think have potential for a second date.”

During the presentation, Nici and Cherwell’s Peter Andrew shared some of their key ‘lessons learned’, and yes, they are exactly what you would expect to see when describing a positive and fruitful partnership: collaboration, honesty, success, long term view. In addition, Nici and Peter stressed that the implementation phase is really just the start…like a first date…you shouldn’t expect perfection the first time around and you should have realistic timelines.

So, can a true partnership really exist between an ITSM provider and a customer? We think so. Cherwell and the University of Wolverhampton continue to learn from each other, grow together and share and celebrate each other’s achievements. Somewhere along the journey, the boundaries became blurred and both parties now have a shared goal and vision for success.

At Cherwell, we aim to put first things first, our customers, which means the word partnership is key to everything we do. Our commitment to this recently secured us the SDI Best Vendor of the Year award, and we’re thrilled!

Tell us about your partnership experiences. On a scale of 1 to 10, how beneficial and positive have they been? How can ITSM suppliers and customers grow and foster mutually beneficial partnerships?