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IT is irrelevant!?

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IT has become so important and so entrenched in everything we do, it no longer has to be considered as a fearspecial item when the business is considering new services. IT is so important that it isn’t.

So what does this mean for the IT service management (ITSM) specialist? Very simply, it expands your horizons and gives huge opportunities for you to increase your value to the organization.

IT, but not as you know it.

IT is everywhere and in everything. Can you name one service you receive or one item you purchase that has not involved IT capability in its production or delivery?

IT has moved from the basement and now embraces the business at every turn. No longer a separate entity, IT needs to be an integral part of each business unit. IT specialists are needed in every part of the organization. The IT part of ITSM has become irrelevant.

Time to talk about service management?

Is it time to remove IT from ITSM? Are we ready to simply talk about service management? To say a service uses IT is not necessary because ALL services do. There are no longer any non-IT services. This opens far bigger and more exciting opportunities to spread the value of our service management frameworks and processes outside the hallowed halls of IT

Sharing the value

A growing number of business units are realizing that the tools IT uses and the processes they embrace are valuable assets. They are requesting access to these tools from their IT service desks and, in some cases, are even purchasing them specifically for non-IT functions. People from outside IT are looking at the frameworks we use and adopting the tried and true processes that we have been embracing for the past 30 or so years.

We need to do more to encourage this sharing. Invite the business into the sandbox and share the toys with them. Let them see the opportunities for improved service provision that our frameworks and tools can offer.

Help the business adopt and adapt ITSM processes. Maybe hold a few ‘Lunch and Learn’ seminars to share some practical ideas to improve business service provision. Show how your ITSM tools could be used in the business.

Be a business leader

IT specialists are no longer just the ‘geeks’. They are an integral part of the business, providing expertise in process along with the ability to use technology to innovate and provide real business value.

The infiltration by IT into all services gives ITSM specialists an opportunity to stand up and be noticed by the business. You have a chance to introduce real innovation in the way services are delivered and supported in every area of the organization.

The IT side of the service is where real innovation and added value can be found. Proactively, look at ways that services can be enhanced to provide a higher business value, whether through cost reduction or higher value outcomes. Share your ideas with the service owners. This will show just how far IT has come – from business supporters to enablers and now to the role of business innovator.

Change your view of yourself

Try something. The next time you are in a social situation and someone asks you what you do, instead of saying you are in IT, try saying you work in service management. Rather than getting that glazed look you are likely to get a far more interested reaction. Service management can be a conversation starter rather than terminator!