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December’s New Feature Spotlight: Maintenance & Lease Alerts

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If your organization leases computers or purchases yearly maintenance contracts for software or hardware, you no doubt understand the importance of tracking these contracts so they can be renewed in a timely fashion.

Express Software Manager’s IT purchasing system allows you to record the details related to your leases and maintenance agreements—including perhaps the most critical piece of information you’re concerned with: the expiration date. Brand new in Express Software Manager Version 10 is the ability to configure the product to automatically send e-mail reminders to you and/or other relevant individuals to notify them when a contract is close to expiring. This is one of many features that helps you consolidate and streamline management of your hardware and software procurement data within Express Software Manager’s IT purchasing system.

To configure this new feature, simply log in to the Express Purchasing Console, navigate to the Preferences tab, and select Reminders.

In the Reminders panel, you can set individual reminder options for leases, lease buyout notifications, and maintenance agreements. For each of these options, you can set the number of days before expiration that the reminder will be sent out, and the e-mail address(es) to which the reminders will be sent. If you wish, you can also customize the wording of the e-mail reminder message.

As an example, you could configure Express Software Manager to e-mail Bob, who’s in charge of hardware acquisitions, notifying him of expiring leases and pending lease buyouts 90 days before they occur. You can also set up the system to email Sue, who’s responsible for software purchases, letting her know about expiring software maintenance agreements 30 days prior their expiration date.

Within the Preferences dialog box, you also specify an e-mail address from which the alert is generated, and to which recipients of the alert can respond. This e-mail address could be a single individual, or an alias incorporating other involved parties.

As part of configuring the alert e-mail feature, you must enter a valid SMTP Server address for outgoing messages. If required by your email service provider, you can modify the SMTP port used and enable encrypted connections (SSL), or enter username and password credentials.

Sound easy? It truly is. And we hope it will prevent a lot of unnecessary fire drills for you and your team throughout the year!
IT Purchasing System - Maintenance & Lease Alerts