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It’s Time for a Service Desk Change

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It's time for a Service Desk ChangeYes, it’s that time of year, New Year’s resolutions or not, at this time we all tend to start reflecting on the previous year and start thinking about how we want things to be different this year. “I want less stress.” “I want a shorter commute.” “I’d like to do more meaningful work within my job role.”It’s all about change, and change can often bring a number of unexpected benefits. It’s more than just the simple case of, “I want a fix to this problem.” That fix comes but often with added benefits. It’s like having a goal to eat healthier and then, subsequently, lose weight. But you get the extra, and possibly unexpected, benefits of sleeping better and having more energy.I’ve been reflecting on stories our customers have told us about unexpected benefits that came when they changed their ITSM software solution.

With the aim to secure ISO accreditation (ISO27001), FMG Group in the UK recently changed to Cherwell Service Management® as it knew it needed a more robust service management solution for its service desk, one that could centralise all requests and operations and be auditable. But, they didn’t know they would also get a new purchasing order system thanks to the tool.

“We had an old purchasing order system in place that was paper-based and was no longer supported from a development perspective. We took templates from Cherwell Service Management, started to configure them to meet our needs and requirements, and we then demonstrated our proposed new system to our finance controller who now wants it rolled-out to the rest of the business,” says service desk team leader Lucy Heard.

The same happened with University Hospital Basel in Switzerland. After the successful implementation of Cherwell Software’s ITSM tool for its service desk, hospital staff now use Cherwell Service Management to make purchasing requests.

“Our IT department already used Cherwell Service Management for the service desk, and it had the idea that we could also use this software tool to solve our request needs,” says Claudia Durussel Baeriswyl, head of business development, University Hospital Basel. “Now, our staff simply accesses the Portal, fills out the request form, and submits it. It’s a very transparent process with all of the information saved in one place, and it gives our management teams a tool for selecting and steering requests.”’s service desk recently undertook a significant journey turning itself from a single-person help desk to a single point of contact ITSM support desk. But, implementing a new service management solution did more than just bring structure, processes, and procedures.

“The service desk is now the eyes and ears of IT,” says Ben Wigley, head of service management at, “and Cherwell Service Management is becoming the front-of-house system for all of the business and is now the critical system for managing services.”

If you’d like to learn more about how service desks can realise the unexpected benefits of change, attend Malcolm Fry’s upcoming webinar tomorrow on this very topic.