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IT service management (ITSM): A more important initiative than cloud?

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Cubes with text service as a concept

Cubes with text service as a concept

Just when I thought cloud and virtualisation were all the rage and the ‘initiatives du jour’ in IT, a recent US survey conducted by ReRez for Cherwell Software™ shows that interestingly, IT service management (ITSM) is in fact much more important to IT professionals. ITSM also ranked higher than software defined networking (SDN) and agile software development but fell just short of the number one position held by mobility.

Perhaps it’s the current emphasis on ‘outside IT’ that’s driving ITSM up the rankings. Although ‘outside IT’ isn’t new, the concept is gaining momentum as organisations try to do more with less by implementing their service management software across the organisation. At the same time, service desks/help desks are proactively approaching, or being approached, by other departments to see how the software used on the service desk may also help them. It’s a two pronged approach, and it seems to be working with mutual benefit.

When asked to choose from a list of ITSM goals in terms of how important they were in the decision to implement ITSM, the top 3 choices were: improved security, improved efficiency and improved computer performance. Is this a new day for ITSM?

Perhaps not. When asked about problem areas within IT, the leading challenges include:

  • Multiple support desks with disparate systems that cannot communicate
  • Inability to get actionable metrics out of existing ITSM system to track value of IT investments
  • No developers or technical expertise to configure the existing ITSM system

At Cherwell Software, we know that metrics and reporting are a significant challenge for most service desk because that’s what we hear from our prospects day-in and day-out. We also hear about the pain, in terms of cost and resources, that comes with configuring an ITSM tool, whether that involves changing the tool to meet new business requirements or wanting a self-service portal to match the look-and-feel of the organisation’s website.

One important statistic from the survey to note: 37 percent of survey respondents report many or most in their company believe IT is out of touch with the company at large. Well, you should see this as an opportunity. This is your moment. Get out into the business to find out what’s needed, market the value your service desk team brings and demonstrate how you can be a true business partner and not the team that just says “no”.

The Cherwell Software 2014 IT Priorities Survey, conducted online in September 2014 by independent, market research firm ReRez, interviewed more than 200 US senior IT management respondents from across industries.