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ITSM Collaboration: More than Social Media

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I swear, if I hear one more ITSM vendor talk about how they do ITSM collaboration and their only proof is integration with some sort of social media tool or a discussion board, I think I’ll throw up. Simply using a service management solution that is integrating with a soc3 things IT Can Learn from the Ukraine Crisisial media tool or having a discussion board does not mean that your company is effectively and efficiently collaborating on ITSM. I’m not saying these are not part of collaboration. In fact, I believe they are an essential part of allowing the service desk and the IT department to collaborate with their employees or customers.

At Cherwell Software, we too, have our social media integration. We too, have our discussion board for the self-service portal. They are a very useful and beneficial tool for the IT Service Desk. But, there has to be more to ITSM collaboration, or we’re in a world of hurt.

For me it comes down to the three basic areas: people, process, technology.

  • People – At its very core collaboration is about the people. It’s about employees/customers interacting with other employees/customers. Its interaction with family and friends. It’s interaction with the service desk and the SMEs within an IT department.
  • Process – Without a process in place, there’s no telling whether the information that exists to help resolve issues is accurate or even correct. Without process, all the information that exists is like rummage sale: you never know what you’ll get, but you’ll grab something just to make sure you got something.
  • Technology – Without the proper technology, collaboration would be nothing more than a water cooler discussion or questions thrown over the wall in cubicles. Technology is going to play a crucial and critical role in how information is disseminated and how effectively and efficiently we collaborate. At Cherwell Software, we are just getting started with collaboration.

So, while integrations with social media and discussion boards play a critical role in ITSM collaboration, they are really nothing more than delivery mechanisms.

What do you think? How would you define “ITSM collaboration”? I’d like to hear your thoughts as I believe effectively and efficiently collaborating together will be one of the biggest issues facing the IT Service Desk in 2013. Stay tuned for my thoughts and how Cherwell Service Management intends to address the technology portion of ITSM collaboration.