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What is an ITSM customer? What does it mean to Cherwell Software?

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It sounds simple, but if you ask most people “on the street” this question, their answer would equate to a person or organisation that pays for a service or product. If we take that premise forward, we can start to see why many companies struggle with delivering the very best of customer care—they are restricted by the confines of what the customer has paid for.One of the key reasons I joined Cherwell Software is that we, as a company, believe that being a customer demands more than just getting what you pay for. As service desk/helpdesk product provider, we can and should always strive to do more. We have a duty of care to customers to go above and beyond. Furthermore, we are successful because it’s ingrained in us to do just this. We don’t have to be told or trained to go the extra mile; it comes naturally. Our customers recognise that this culture is not

ITSM Customer Service

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only visible but tangible in regards to how we work with and treat our customers.I see examples of this every day, from support staff working with a customer through their lunch, to a salesperson making a late night call, or a customer experience representative taking the time to make sure attendees on a Cherwell Software course know where all the good, local eateries (and best watering holes!) can be found, and even a sales person who helped a customer save money! (See the blog Culture Shines Through from my colleague Graeme.)You might think this is all simplistic and obvious. I would say, “Many great things are, but the trick is in actually doing them consistently and not for recognition or understanding.” Of course, the product has to be great, but history is replete with success being not just down to the technology but to what people did with it.

At Cherwell Software, we have taken the concept of true customer relationships and addressed this with the formation of dedicated departments, Customer Experience and Customer Success.

Customer Experience concentrates on the day-to-day relationship with our customer base, ensuring any area of customer interaction is handled efficiently and effectively, and we let the customer know we always “have their back”.

Customer Success builds upon the work done by Customer Experience but is more forward focussed and looks towards identifying, agreeing and recording customers goals with a view to maturity and product adoption, essentially ensuring that Cherwell Software and its customer base have a joined up roadmap.

We’re always looking to continue to work with our customers to develop opportunities to showcase our solution. With the right attitude and approach to customer care and success, we think we will continue to be invited to the table.

It’s so easy to forget this power we have. I challenge each of you to think of your personal lives, and think of a service provider you would not hesitate to recommend to your friends or family. I guarantee you will see the same traits in them that we share at Cherwell Software. Conversely, think about the service providers that have let you down.

How do you want to treated as an IT service management (ITSM) customer? Do you want to just ‘get what you paid for’ or are you looking for something more?