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ITSM Education – To Train or Not to Train, There Is No Question

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Over the last few months, we have been working hard to expand our offerings in Cherwell Learning Services.

I have just had the pleasure of attending our first in-house Partner Technical Implementer Training in our new training facility. We took over an office space and configured it to really meet our needs for both comfort and convenience. It is a beautifully open space, with windows on two walls. We now boast eighteen workstations — up from twelve. In addition, we have a nicely appointed area for people to relax and enjoy the provided lunch.

The participants have been very positive and enthusiastic about the flow and content of the new format, enjoying all the hands-on exercises that let them really get under Cherwell Service Management’s hood (so to speak). Mike McMullen (professional services consultant) was the primary instructor, with Brett Halverson (senior reporting analyst) conducting the Advanced Report Writer session. The content for the class was developed by Cherwell Software’s superb Learning Services team: Margo Bedford (senior instructional designer), Don Lacasse (professional services consultant), yours truly, Danyda Feldman (training designer and implementer), Brett Halverson, and Mike McMullen.

We have been building up to the on-site class with a Foundations preparation course that was self-paced, followed by an online Basic Design course that was conducted completely remotely by Don and Danyda.

So, what’s next?

The week of December 17, we’re holding our next Cherwell System Administrator/Design course for customers and new Cherwell staff. In January, we rev up the engines to design and implement even more quality course offerings: live on-site courses, instructor-led online, and a whole library of how-to recordings.

If you are interested in signing up for our current course offerings, in-house Administrator trainings and online Basic Cherwell Report Writing, learn more at