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ITSM Lesson: Use Social Media to Turn Bad Service into Good Service

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The other day, Mack Collier posted a good example of how you can use social media to turn a bad into a good. There was a FedEx delivery mishap. The customer video-d the mishap and posted the video to YouTube. FedEx, however, took the bad and turned it into a good, a really good good. It responded quickly with a solid apology blog — Absolutely, Positively Unacceptable. And it did this in a very, very public way — it posted a video blog apology. In doing so, FedEx won over (again) their customers and the public in general. Just look at all the fantastic, positive comments to the video blog and the passionate feedback from FedEx employees who take their jobs and responsibilities seriously.

Now, many companies would not embrace social media for this type of situation. But FedEx rightly grabbed it and used social media to turn a bad into a good, and everyone should learn from this. Hats off to you FedEx!

At Cherwell, we place a high importance on customer care, listening to our customers and delivering on their requests. We’ve incorporated social media tools into Cherwell Service ManagementTM to help service desks and help desks be more proactive, to be where their customers are and to participate with their customers in conversations that yes, are going on.

Help desks and IT departments have a brand within their organization, and your customers and users have a view on that brand. With social media, you can demonstrate your brand and protect it, just like FedEx did. In January, our own Simon Kent gave a webinar on the role of Social Media in ITSM.

Are you a brand that delivers service excellence or wants to deliver service excellence? We hope so. That’s what we aim to help our customers deliver. Tell us how you’re using social media tools to deliver service excellence and, by doing so, are demonstrating and protecting your brand.