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ITSM News Roundup: All About ITIL

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If you are at all connected to IT or IT service management (ITSM), you are likely familiar with the ITIL framework. Simply put, ITIL is a set of practices for ITSM that focus on aligning the needs of the business to IT services. In this week’s ITSM news roundup, we’ve pulled together a collection of articles all about ITIL. Whether you want to know more about implementing ITIL or how ITIL and DevOps can coexist peacefully, this roundup is sure to shine more light on how ITIL can impact and improve your world. 

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ITIL: A Project Manager’s Perspective

First, let’s take a look at ITIL from the perspective of a project manager. In this article, Erika Flora discusses the parallels between ITIL and classic project management. Both are process-focused and, as Flora says, both “have the same mission: to elevate the profession by adding structure and rigor around what is done.” Read more about Flora’s own experience with ITIL and her advice for all project managers within technology. Check out ITIL: A Project Manager’s Perspective. 

How do I implement ITIL? And is that even the right question?

In her article for ITSM ZoneClaire Agutter discusses one of the most common questions she sees in her work. Many people wonder how to implement ITIL, but Agutter wonders if that is even the right question to ask. Part of the issue, she explains, is that ITIL is so broad and encompassing that it can be overwhelming to consider a full implementation. But, she goes on to outline the 10 steps to ITIL success, plus includes a list of what she considers to be more productive, actionable questions to ask when it comes to ITIL. Don’t miss reading the article How Do I Implement ITIL. 

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Integrating DevOps into the ITIL Orthodoxy

Finally, we turn to the relationship between ITIL and DevOps, In his article for Axelos, author Gene Kim examines the orthodoxy of ITIL. He posits that ITIL and DevOps can coexist peacefully, despite a history of conflict. Kim discusses the common goals of both, including fast detection and recovery, as well as automation. “But if we want DevOps to be widely adopted in large, complex organizations, the DevOps community must earn the trust of ITSM professionals and see how our efforts can help solve some of their most fundamental and chronic challenges—the same challenges that many in the ITIL community have been trying to solve for over two decades,” Kim says. Read Integrating DevOps into the ITIL Orthodoxy today.