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ITSM News Roundup: All About Software Licenses

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When it comes to purchasing new software, one of the most important factors you can consider is how the vendor structures and charges for licensing. To make the most informed choices, you must familiarize yourself with and understand completely the different licensing models available. From perpetual to subscription, named to concurrent, licensing models matter. In this week’s ITSM news roundup, we’re delving into the world of licensing to help you make better decisions, save more money, and meet the goals of your organization.

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4 Tips for Monitoring and Reducing Software Licensing Waste

One risk with purchasing new software is wasting money on licenses you don’t need. In this article for StateTech, Brian M. Posey discusses different safeguards that can help you manage and reduce that waste. From taking advantage of tracking tools to strategic software audits, Posey’s tips could help you save a ton of money you can then invest in other areas of your organization. Check out 4 Tips for Monitoring and Reducing Software Licensing Waste today

Managing Software Licensing In the Cloud

More and more of our technological world exists in the cloud. What does that mean for software licensing? In this article, Libby Phillipps examines how to best manage software licenses within the cloud. Phillipps details the complexities of software licensing and the cloud, plus offers advice to those who are purchasing new licenses. Read Managing Software Licensing In the Cloud.

Is Subscription or Perpetual Licensing Better For You?

When evaluating vendors, one choice you’ll need to make is whether to choose a vendor who offers subscription licensing or one who offers perpetual licensing. It’s important to understand the differences between the two in order to know which makes the most sense for your organizational needs. Thanks to EFDC_Explorer, those differences are now more clear and succinct. (Note: great vendors offer both models and will help you choose the right one based on your goals.)  Learn more about these two licensing options in the blog post, Is Subscription or Perpetual Licensing Better for You

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Infographic: The Difference Between Named and Concurrent Licensing

To round out our ITSM news roundup, we’d like to take the opportunity to walk you through the differences between named and concurrent licensing models. How do these licensing models compare when it comes to agility, optimization, flexibility, and more? Check out the infographic to find out. 

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