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ITSM News Roundup: All Things Information Technology Asset Management

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Increasingly, IT asset management (ITAM) and software asset management (SAM) are processes that IT departments need to own. Without these systems in place, tracking and updating assets is deeply time-consuming. Plus, audits are a near-annual occurrence, and a lack of license adherence can be quite costly. In this week’s ITSM news roundup, we look at why IT departments are lagging a bit behind on ITAM programs, and some of the best practices that can help them take control of the task. 

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Can RFID Help You Meet ITAM Objectives?

Marcel Shaw writes about how Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) can help IT managers on the endless, important task of asset tracking. Unlike barcodes, RFID does not require a person to find and scan the barcode. RFID can help IT managers with asset monitoring, asset tracking, checkpoint tracking, and bulk lifecycle updates. Get the lowdown on the technology at Can RFID Help You Meet ITAM Objectives. 

How to Ace Vendor Audits

Companies may have an ITAM policy in place, writes Dennis McCafferty for CIO Insight, but few have tools in place to prove that they’re compliant according to a new report from BDNA. This is problematic, since audits have become frequent as vendors turn to audits as a revenue stream. Find out How to Ace Vendor Audits.

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5 Steps to IT Asset Management Success

At Enterprise Apps Today, Phara E. McLachlan argues that human error often causes ITAM processes to fail. Centralizing ITAM policies is key to your program’s success, as well as clear communication. Learn all 5 Steps to IT Asset Management Success.

What’s Preventing Greater ITAM Adoption?

ITAM may be on IT departments’ to-do lists, but its position isn’t high enough, writes Stephen Mann for Mann debunks some of the theories about low adoption rates, while offering resources to learn about ITAM best practices. Explore What’s Preventing Greater ITAM Adoption.

Software Asset Management Gives IT Managers Control Over Apps

Over at BizTechMagazine, John Edwards writes about the many money-saving benefits provided by Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions, including helping prevent organizations from procuring excess licenses. Discover how Software Asset Management Gives IT Managers Control Over Apps.

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