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ITSM News Roundup: Back to School with ITSM

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IT leaders who work in education, from elementary schools to graduate schools, grapple with tight budgets, a rapid and changing influx of new technologies and products, and new definitions and requirements for learning spaces. In this week’s ITSM news roundup, we’re looking at how you can make education technology flourish.

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What the Savviest School Administrators Know About Education Technology

After decades with few choices available in curriculum materials, the trend has flipped. Now, as Betsy Corcoran chronicles for EdSurge, digital curriculum is required, and the options are plentiful. The big unknown is the material’s effectiveness: How can administrators effectively evaluate and integrate new products and technology? Get the answers at What the Savviest School Administrators Know About Education Technology.

The 2016 Honor Roll: EdTech’s Must-Read K-12 IT Blogs

Who’s setting the trends when it comes to education IT bloggers? D. Frank Smith introduces EdTech’s annual list of K-12 IT thought leaders, trend setters, and the education industry’s must-read blogs on IT tech. Check out the full list of blogs.

For higher ed CIOs navigating tight budgets, relationships matter most

To gain campus-wide support, college and university IT leaders must build a case for their department’s needs. As Roger Riddell and Naomi Eide describe in Education Dive, this often involves making a clear connection between technology and student needs (and frustrations). See stories from higher ed CIOs navigating tight budgets.  

The Future of Collaboration Spaces Encompasses Video, Interactive, Mobile

On campus, thoughtful design and use of technology plays a big role in the ability of students to work collaboratively. As Julie Johnson writes in Campus Technology, the difference is clear when you consider a classroom with a single device and display, versus a classroom where multiple devices can be connected wirelessly. Discover how technology influences classroom design in the Future of Collaboration Spaces.

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