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ITSM News Roundup: How to Make Your Service Desk Flourish

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Is your service desk the object of compliments, or complaints? Today, we dig into tactics that can turn around any negative perception of your service desk. We also look to the future and ask: How is the service desk evolving? In this week’s ITSM news roundup, we look at how the service desk can improve tactics today, while also pondering the skills and technology support that will be required in years to come.

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Have Service Desks Lost Touch With Business Tech?

The workplace used to be people’s first exposure to new technology. SITS Community points out that a boom in consumer tech has reversed this trend: Home laptops, phones, and other tech are often more advanced that what the office provides. How can IT departments support users when company technology lags generations behind? Read the discussion and strategy in Have Service Desks Lost Touch With Business Tech?

Building the Service Desk of the Future

In the latest episode of ITSM Zone’s ITSM Crowd, guests Damian Bowen, Michelle Major-Goldsmith, Simone Moore, and Simon Dorst discuss the changing role of the service desk, and what skills will be required to meet the needs of future users. Watch the episode to see what’s required in Building the Service Desk of the Future.

The Service Desk – How do you make improvements?

Over at All Things ITSM, James Gander breaks down the steps required to change users’ perception of your service desk’s performance. Step one is to develop a thorough understanding of what your service desk handles—and what it doesn’t. Get the full strategy discussion in How to make improvements.

Why Your Service Desk Shouldn’t Implement Your ITSM Platform

Typically, it’s the service desk that drives decisions around ITSM platform. Writing for Beyond 20, Amanda Fairbrother argues that a better strategy is to have a leader —one with visibility into company-wide IT processes and strategic insight into goals—drive the process. Find out more about Why Your Service Desk Shouldn’t Implement Your ITSM Platform.

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How to Crush Service Desk Complaints by Boosting Your Capabilities with Continual Service Improvement

Joe the IT Guy points out that the more common response to the service desk is a complaint–not a compliment. By going through the five stages of ITIL continual service improvement, however, you can proactively ward off complaints and improve your service desk performance. Find out every step of the process in How to Crush Service Desk Complaints.

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