ITSM News Roundup: Is Your Team Agile?

IT is all about order and process. How can we serve our business faster and more efficiently? How can we help our organization move forward to better meet its goals? One of the most well known and widely adopted processes is the Agile methodology. In this week’s ITSM news roundup, we’re asking, “Is your team Agile?” From DevOps to design, let’s explore what it means to be truly Agile.

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4 Characteristics of Agile, Software-Minded Organizations

What are the key traits of an organization committed to the Agile philosophy? In this article from Alex Camino for Nearshore, we learn the four major characteristics of an Agile organization. From their approach to software to how they treat customers, Camino explores how an organization can be more nimble. Read 4 Characteristics of Agile, Software-Minded Organizations today.

Myths of Agile: “there’s no documentation in Agile”

This article from Leon Tranter for Extreme Uncertainty examines the common myths of Agile methodology. Many people assume there’s no documentation in Agile, but as this article points out, that’s just not true. So, how does Agile approach documentation? Read Myths of Agile to find out

What Is Bimodal IT?

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about Bimodal IT as the latest trend in DevOps. But, what is it? This article by Courtney Glymph from the DevOps Summit Journal answers that question. “Gartner’s concept of Bimodal IT argues that for successful digital transformation, IT needs to split into two parts: mode 1 for maintaining and modernizing traditional back-end IT services and mode 2 for agility in building front-end, digital apps.” To learn more, read What Is Bimodal IT today.  

Making design core to the Agile process

We’re closing out this week’s ITSM news roundup with a case study from Salesforce about how they made deisgn core to their Agile process in order to scale. Read on to find out about what went right, what went wrong, and what the team learned throughout the process. Check out Making Design Core to the Agile Process.

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