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ITSM News Roundup: What You Need to Know About Software as a Service

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“Cloud will increasingly be the default option for software deployment,” according to research firm Gartner. As more and more software companies—including startups and established businesses—shift to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, there are many benefits for IT departments. SaaS can make it easier to handle users’ multiple devices, and can also help companies scale. Learn more about SaaS in this week’s ITSM news roundup.

What you need to know about software as a service

At Beta News, Barclay Ballard breaks down the many benefits—including affordability, time savings, and scalability—to SaaS, which allows businesses and consumers to lease software from third-party distributors. 

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Why the next great SaaS company will look nothing like Salesforce

Aaref Hilaly writes for TechCrunch about how newer software offerings, such as Slack, thrive by becoming the “apps that employees actually use to get their work done.” These systems of engagement—or SoE—don’t seek to become deeply embedded in business processes, but rather thrive through their strong integration and design. 

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Benefits of Licensing Software as a Service in the Cloud

SaaS is only growing, says Kim Kuhlmann at CloudTweaks. Expect companies to embrace cloud-based SaaS, which helps companies scale as projects grow and shrink, and makes it easier to manage software across multiple devices. 

Cloud computing’s next gambit: Data as a service

David Linthicum discusses how the cloud can go beyond being a storage place for data to being a vehicle to share and explore data from other organizations, and muses on the opportunities available for businesses providing both data and platform to users.  

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