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ITSM News Roundup: Women in Tech

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There is an unfortunate trend in the tech world of gender inequality and unconscious bias. These habits are formed long before any of us enter our first jobs in the tech industry. In this week’s ITSM news roundup, we’re exploring the complicated world of how women in tech navigate their companies, career paths, and more. What pressures do they face? Where are the double standards? Read on to find out. 

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Too geeky for girls? Tech industry stereotypes are hindering equality

In this article from The Guardian, author Carrie Anne Philbin discusses the goals of teaching things like computer science to girls. We don’t teach literacy to kids expecting them all to become authors, she argues. So why then would we expect to create a workforce of engineers simply because we want to prioritize teaching kids computer science? On the contrary, tech subjects should be taught because our children are growing up in an increasingly technological world and we should set them up for success in navigating that world. But, what stereotypes already exist in the minds of these kids? Philbin says, “…the negative stereotypes most often put forward by the girls always outweighed the positive, such as being friendless, isolated and nerdy.” To learn more about how schools should address this topic, read Too Geeky For Girls.

Women In Tech Must Continually Challenge The Status Quo, Says This CEO

Once we get girls into tech, how can we ensure they are on a fair path to leadership? According to Jennifer Steffans, CEO of IOActive, confidence is key. ““Confidence is a tool that will always prove invaluable to female executives and confidence is based in knowledge,” she tells Leo King, author of the article for Forbes. “Tech is constantly changing so we must be continuously learning and adapting.” To find out what else she suggests, check out Challenge the Status Quo.

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If you think women in tech is just a pipeline problem, you haven’t been paying attention

Of course, in order to see women in leadership roles in tech, we must first ensure women aren’t leaving the tech industry. According to the Harvard Business Review, 41 percent of women working in tech wind up leaving the field, verses 17 percent of men who do the same. Why is this? Rachel Thomas has a theory. In this article for, Thomas discusses her recommendations based on her experience as a programmer in a male-dominated field. “Women are perceived negatively for being too assertive. If tech culture is going to change, everyone needs to change, especially men and most especially leaders.” Read her recommendations and the research behind them in the article. 

Is There A Double Standard When Female CEOs In Tech Stumble?

How do we handle it when women in tech experience failure? How are they treated in comparison with their male colleagues? Laura Sydell explores this topic for NPR. Sydell tells the stories of Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, and others who have faced conflict or failure in the industry. How was it handled? How were they treated? Read Is There a Double Standard to find out

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