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ITSM Service Catalogues – A Necessity Not a Luxury

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This blog entry comes from Mike Kyffin, a senior technical business consultant based in Cherwell’s UK office:

There’s a new blog post on MSPmention from our peers at ManageEngine entitled, ‘Is Service Catalogue a Luxury or a Necessity?’.

Let’s be clear – a Service Catalogue is a necessity. It doesn’t just simply describe the services IT provides to the business but helps to position the IT department as one that provides value. A Service Catalogue helps IT to:

  • Build and maintain relationships with end-users and the business
  • Look at the ‘bigger picture’ rather than just focusing on fixing problems
  • Say ‘no’ by setting boundaries for service provisions
  • Align with the business and increase its visibility within the organisation
  • Create more opportunities, build team morale and focus on technology solutions

I do however agree with the author that you should build your service desk system first before you expose services to end users. In doing so, you can create a collection of data and valuable statistics to present to the business that will justify ‘buy in’ to the Service Catalogue regarding the services outlined with.

But, don’t get bogged down with a plethora of data and stats. At some point, you need to stick your stake in the ground and start creating the Catalogue.

  • Start simple and keep it simple
  • Engage with users from the start
  • Get IT and the business to partner and agree on the services IT will provide
  • Review the services you provide on a regular basis based on customer feedback, changes in business circumstances, SLAs, etc.

If you need help getting started, see our whitepaper, Service Catalogue Design and Definition, or view our Guide to Service Catalogues webinar.

Creating and maintaining a Service Catalogue is a necessity.  It’s not a chore, and it’s not a luxury.  It helps IT align with the business and therefore showcase its value to the business.