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ITSM Software beyond the Service Desk? Absolutely!

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It’s amazing how you can build a piece of software to accomplish a particular task or help with a particular job function and then watch it organically grow into something truly spectacular.

At Cherwell, we’ve always known that our software can be used beyond the service desk…HR, Facilities Management…in fact, it can be used for any job function where a request or ticketing service is required.  But what about Purchasing?  That’s one area that didn’t instantly come to mind…until now.

Introducing the University Hospital Basel, Switzerland, and the technical wizardry of Cherwell partner plain IT.

After using Cherwell’s ITSM tool for the Service Desk, the University Hospital Basel now uses Cherwell Service Management to make purchasing requests – from medical equipment to building renovations and beyond – through a customised self-service portal developed and implemented by plain IT.

Problem:  New system needed to manage the large number of purchasing requests; existing system not efficient, effective or transparent.

Solution:  Cherwell Service Management

Results:  Very transparent process; all information saved in one place; efficient and effective tool for selecting and steering requests.

And, the hospital gained much more value beyond IT from its initial investment.  That’s music – a symphony – to our ears.