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Your New ITSM Solution is Live—Is It Time to Celebrate (Yet)?

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Happy Go-LiveYour ITSM solution go-live is an exciting time. You are finally up and running. It’s the moment you’ve dreamed of since the day budget was approved to replace the old ITSM tool.

The go-live represents a key milestone in your journey towards ITSM excellence — but is it worthy of a celebration? Are you thrilled because the team of expensive consultants are finally leaving? Are you excited because your CIO can stop asking when the tool will be in production?

This isn’t to dismiss the accomplishments related to the implementation, but rather to note that the go-live marks the beginning of the journey, not the end of it. The real work starts after the implementation team leaves. The real measure of success lies in how self-sufficient of an IT organization you have become.

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It’s important, therefore, to ask yourself the following questions prior to selecting or implementing a new ITSM solution:

  • Will the services team need to come back to do more work as you increase IT maturity or choose to extend the tool into other areas of the business?
  • Will you spend more time rebuilding the initial customizations and configurations when you upgrade to the next version of the product?
  • Will you need more skilled development resources than initially anticipated to maintain the solution?

Perhaps an anniversary is a better milestone to celebrate than a go-live. An anniversary represents commitment. It represents the desire of two parties to remain in a lasting partnership, which is really something worth celebrating.

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The goals at Cherwell are to build world-class technology and lasting partnerships. Accomplishing both requires that we listen, that we learn, and that we do what’s in your best interest. We do these things because we appreciate you. We can’t wait to celebrate your 5-year anniversary, your 10-year anniversary and your 25-year anniversary. (See the stories of some of our long-time customers here.)

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