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January’s New Feature Spotlight: Document Storage

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Do you have purchase order documents that you would like to store along with your purchasing data? In Express Software Manager Version 10.0, our new Document Storage function in the Purchasing Console allows you to store documentation such as invoices and purchase orders directly in the Express Database and associate them with the orders you have entered in the Purchasing Console.

These documents can be one of two types:

  • Uploaded Document – A document that is stored in the Express Database. When an uploaded document is accessed (such as for viewing), it is retrieved directly from the Express Database. Uploading a document does not delete the original file. It simply reads the file, uploads and stores the file contents in the database, and assigns an ID to the uploaded information, which can be referenced by an order.
  • Linked Document – A document for which a physical location (path and filename) is stored in the Express Database; the document itself is not uploaded. When a linked document is accessed, its location is used to retrieve it. Therefore, the location must not change in order for access to be successful.

With either type of document you can associate the same document to multiple orders.

Recommendation: Browser security differences may sometimes make it difficult to maintain linked documents, so we strongly recommend that you use uploaded documents!

Converting Linked Documents to Uploaded Documents

Earlier versions of Express Software Manager only supported linked documents. Express Software Manager Version 10.0 includes a utility, PurchasingDocuments.exe, that you can use to convert your linked documents into uploaded documents. For more information on this utility you can see the description of the PurchasingDocuments.exe on the Document panel’s Information page.

Once a previously linked document has been converted to an uploaded document, all orders that refer to it are automatically updated.

Uploading New Documents

In most cases, you are likely to upload documents when you are creating or editing an order. When you create a new order or are editing an existing order, you have the option to add a document directly within the Purchase order screen. It is also possible to upload documents so you can later associate them with an order.

To upload a new document:

  • Go to the Orders tab, click Add purchase, then click Add document.
  • In the Documents panel, click the Upload document toolbar button. The right pane of the screen changes to show a Document Details screen, and documents that were previously uploaded will be shown at the bottom.
  • Enter a description for the document (required).
  • Browse to the document.
  • Click Save. Now the document is listed when you click the All Documents category on the left.

NOTE: It is important that every uploaded document has a unique name and description. If you try to upload a document with the same name and description as an existing document, the upload will fail.

Document-Storage3-1024x598After you have uploaded a document you can edit its description, associate it with other orders, or delete it. You can find more information about these options in the Purchasing Help file by opening the Purchasing Console and clicking on the blue and white question mark icon in the upper right-hand corner of the web page.