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July’s Report of the Month: Unused Software

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One of the most important outcomes of effective software asset management is the ability to eliminate wasteful license spending. This is accomplished by taking advantage of a feature in Express Software Manager called “software metering,” which enables you to analyze software usage patterns across your organization. One of the most powerful reports that can help you identify areas for potential license savings is the “Unused Software” report, which provides a summary of software that is installed but hasn’t been used for a specified period of time. When software goes unused for significant periods of time, money can be saved by reallocating licenses to other users, terminating maintenance contracts on those licenses, and/or renegotiating license agreements so they reflect the actual number of users.

In order to collect software usage data, metering must first be enabled within Express Software Manager. Once metering has been enabled, data must be collected for a meaningful period of time before you can draw useful conclusions. So perhaps you want to turn on metering, then wait a month to run the report.

The “Unused Software” report can be filtered in a variety of way that help you zero in on exactly the information you seek:

  • By License Unit
  • By Machine
  • By Manufacturer
  • Ungrouped

I prefer the “Ungrouped” option because it lists the license unit, the license type, the number of licenses purchased, how many copies of software are installed, the number of unused copies, the price for each license, and the cumulative value of the unused licenses.

If you need to see the machines on which any given license unit is installed, you can click on the green circle to expand the license unit.