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Knowledge Management in Cherwell and Why It Is Important

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The first question you need to ask yourself is, “Is knowledge management important to my business”? If the answer is yes (It better be yes), Cherwell has the ability to help you manage knowledge. If your answer is no, read this article on Forbes.

One way to manage knowledge is to track how many likes and dislikes knowledge articles get as users and customers use them.

There are three fields needed to rank knowledge in Cherwell.


Keeps track of the number of likes


Keeps track of the number of dislikes


A logical field that is set to true when either the like or dislike button is clicked. When this field is true, like and disklike buttons are no longer visible on the form. This value is not saved to the database and allows the like and dislike buttons to become visible again once the user or customer navigates away from the knowledge article.

Now that you are collecting this data put it to good use. You can run Cherwell reports to show the top knowledge articles, the least liked knowledge articles. You can also build custom searches on this data. You can search for knowledge articles that have at least 1 dislike. You could also build a search that shows knowledge articles with at least 20 likes.

If you would like to implement knowledge management using Cherwell in your organization, please contact us.