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Leaning towards SIAM at itSMF Sweden

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A few notes about Satyendra Shrotri’s talk at the recent 2015 itSMF Annual Conference

As a Finn, going to the Nordics is always enjoyable; this time was no different. The two days at the itSMF Sweden conference in Stockholm was great, thanks to engaging speakers, attendees, and a brilliant conference team that ensured a smooth event for attendees and vendors alike.

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There were a few talks I didn’t want to miss, including one by Satyendra Shrotri (from TCS) called ‘Service Integration and Management (SIAM) – The clutch plate of multi-sourced service delivery engine’. Unfortunately, I missed it as I was busy with a prospective customer at the Cherwell Software stand. But almost as if Mr. Shrotri had read my thoughts, he and James Finister (also from TCS) came to our stand and discussed, in detail, the presentation with me!

James Finister excitedly explained the main message of the talk and TCS’s approach to SIAM. Essentially, the main challenge SIAM addresses is that applications, infrastructure, network and development teams traditionally do their own thing; therefore, IT does not deliver the ‘real value’ the business is looking for.

Before I had a chance to share my thoughts on how the ITIL® framework and DevOps could be leveraged to help with some of these challenges, James continued. He said the market has changed what SIAM is, and it has evolved from ‘system integration into service integration’. So, what was regarded as only ‘supplier management’ is now utilizing DevOps and a truly integrated model, delivering that value chain critical to the business. SIAM is, in other words, ‘transformational on value networks’ and acts between ‘the powerhouse and engine’.

To summarize, SIAM enables the business to decide what it needs to do and allows IT to give its users the capability they need to deliver value. I concur!

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