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Marketing ITSM – From Service Provider to Business Partner

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Gartner recently hosted a great webinar entitled, “Marketing IT in the Organization.” The webinar covered top line findings from field research Gartner conducted in late 2011 that focused on the following three questions: What is marketing IT? How have you done it? What challenges / successes have you enjoyed?

The findings showed that survey participants mostly think ‘”marketing IT” is about making people understand what the IT department does. It’s a one way conversation in which you simply tell people what you’re working on and what’s on your project plan.

Gartner however believes that IT needs to gain a new definition for “marketing IT” and to start living the definition. “Marketing IT” is about engaging in two-way, collaborative conversations that lead to business-centric decisions. This not only will create partnerships and stronger relationships throughout the organisation but will position the service desk as a business partner rather than a service provider.

I’m not sure if marketing by definition is a two-way conversation…well…social media marketing definitely is…but I completely agree that marketing is about engagement and relationship building and providing solutions to business problems.

So, are you “marketing IT”?  If so, let us know.