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May’s New Feature Spotlight: Access Profiles

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With our latest implementation of Express Software Manager, Version 10.2, the Express Purchasing Console now allows for the creation and use of “access profiles.” Access profiles enable you to control who can view, create, and edit purchasing orders within Express Software Manager. This is particularly useful in situations where different departments or divisions within an organization manage their own IT purchases and/or software licenses. In such scenarios, you may want to specify that users in one department have access only to orders placed for that department, while still aFeature Spotlight: Access Profilesllowing a specific user or group access to all orders company-wide.

When access profiles are applied, users can only view and edit data that is part of their own access profile. The access profile and the user that created the order are displayed when creating and/or editing the order. Express Purchasing administrators can view all data.

To create access profiles, you will need to be logged into the Express Purchasing Console as an Express administrator or Express Purchasing administrator. Prior to doing so, an Express administrator must configure the product to enable the creation of access profiles.

Configuring Express Software Manager to enable the creation of access profiles

  1. Go to the Administrative Console, click on the Express Today panel icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click the Express Purchasing link under the User Policies section.
  3. Check the box Enable Express Purchasing user policies and then click the link Open Express Purchasing Console.

Creating new access profiles

    1. In the Administration tab, click Access Profiles in the left pane. The right pane will update.
    2. Click the Add Access Profile toolbar button. The Access Profile Details box will open.
    3. Enter a name and description, and then click Add authorized user. The Authorized Users for dialog box will open.
    4. In the lower portion of the box, search for a user or user group by name (you can use wildcards), and then click User or Group. The box will expand to show all users or groups that meet your search criteria.
    5. Click the Select link next to anyone you want to add to this profile, and the top portion of the box will be updated.
    6. Click Save once you are satisfied with the list of users and groups for this access profile. You will be return to the Access Profile Details box.
    7. (Optional) Specify where to send email alerts for orders related to this access profile for the below conditions, and click Save.
      • Expiring leases
      • Lease buyout notifications
      • Expiring maintenance agreements

NOTE: users only receive reminders for orders they created or are part of their access profile.

Displaying the Access Profiles column

(Once you perform this step, the Access Profile column will always be displayed unless you hide it or log in as a different user.)

    1. Go to the Purchase Orders page in the Express Purchasing Console
    2. Right-click anywhere in the column heading.
    3. Click on Columns and then check the Access Profile check box. You will now see a column heading of Access Profile on your Orders page.

NOTE: You will see Purchasing Administrator listed under this column for any existing orders since this is the default access profile. You cannot delete the Express Purchasing administrator’s access profile, nor can you change its name or description.