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May Report of the Month: Custom Hardware Inventory

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If you need to review detailed network inventory information across your organization, the Custom Hardware Inventory report is the place to find it.

Prior to running the Custom Hardware Inventory report, you’ll be asked to select the attributes you wish to report on (Screenshot 1). The Fixed Attributes column to the left shows the default hardware attributes Express Software Manager collects. The Custom Attributes column shows additional hardware or software values that can be selected by the administrator to include within the report. These items are collected by a variety of methods including WMI, the registry, imported list, or manual entry of data.

Hardware Inventory Report (1)


At the top of the Custom Hardware Inventory report, you’ll see icons representing analysis tools that allow you to further manipulate the data. For example, you can sort the data, group or filter the data based on the value(s) of a specific attribute (the amount of RAM installed on each computer), change the layout of the report, and create charts or crosstab reports. In addition, the hardware inventory data can be exported to Microsoft Excel or PDF formats.

Hope you find the May Report of the Month useful… Happy Spring!