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Are Mobile Devices Saving Christmas?

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In the spirit of the season, check out this funny video that illustrates how Santa and his IT elves leverage iCherwell—Cherwell Service Management’s native iOS app—to save Christmas.

It’s December 3 and I’m 90% done with my holiday shopping! There’s a part of you that hates me right now and part of you that’s envious. My secret: I shopped online. Yes, part of the expected $2.27 billion dollars in Cyber Monday spending is my hard-earned cash. Even FedEx geared up for yesterday, expecting to ship more than 22 million packages Cyber Monday alone. That’s 11% more than their busiest shipping day in 2012. That’s also double their busiest shipping day in 2007, demonstrating the explosion of Cyber Monday in the last six years. We already know that people love the convenience of online shopping, but now, the proof is in the holiday pudding.

While several things contribute to the uptick in online shopping, tablets and smartphones are certainly influencing these numbers. Many retailers have developed apps and online tools to help buyers take advantage of tremendous holiday deals—closer aligning IT goals with business goals. In 2014, I think we can expect even greater alignment between the two, as well as an increase in the use in mobile devices to deliver expanded services to customers, whether they are online shoppers or other business units within your organization. Are you ready?

How are you using mobile devices to be more efficient?