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New Blog Series: Managing Software Licenses in a Citrix Environment

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Software licensing is complicated enough in its own right. Throw in a bunch of corporate apps running on Citrix servers, and you’ve got the potential for all-out pandemonium.

It requires considerable knowledge, even in a traditional desktop environment, to successfully navigate the intricacies of software licensing and compliance. But in an increasingly virtualized world, with technologies such as Citrix XenApp serving up software to end users, license management becomes exponentially more complicated. The primary reason for this is because many—if not most—corporate applications are licensed per-device. However, the Citrix world is user-centric, allowing users to access software from a wide variety of devices, begging the question as to whether a software license is required for every single connecting device. Furthermore, with the explosion of mobile device usage within the enterprise, organizations that rely on Citrix to publish or stream applications to smart phones and tablets rapidly drift out of compliance as new endpoints are added to the asset pool.

In the weeks ahead we’ll be publishing a blog series that explores the opportunities, challenges, perils, and real-world customer experiences related to the deployment and management of software within a Citrix environment. We hope you’ll share your own comments relating to your experience with Citrix, and how your organization has chosen to handle the licensing uncertainties that inevitably crop up with a shift to a thin-client application delivery model.

Tune in next week for article number one: Archaic EULAs Create Licensing Quagmires for Citrix Shops