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The Apptria Software Catalog Will Power Numara Software’s Application Recognition

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When asked about our company’s products, most people immediately think of Express Software Manager®, our flagship product offered to businesses for IT asset inventory, software usage, and license reporting. What many (including our long-standing customers) don’t realize is that we also separately license our software catalog, one of the key components of Express Software Manager, to a very different “customer”—asset management vendors themselves.

Today we are proud to add Numara Software to a growing list of OEM partners, which includes IBM, LANDesk, New Boundary, BMC, and Amando Software. The Apptria Software Catalog will power the software recognition for Numara’s Asset Management Platform, strengthening the accuracy and reliability of its existing capabilities such as asset inventory, software deployment, patch management, and license tracking.

The Apptria Software Catalog provides a trusted and comprehensive methodology for software identification, bridging the immense gap between today’s lack of standards and the promise of ISO/IEC 19770-2, which aims to make application identification more accurate and consistent across all software manufacturers. The software tagging standard, while genuine and intelligent in both purpose and substance, is of little utility today due to the glacial pace of publisher adoption. And for a variety of reasons too lengthy to discuss here, it will be many years before 19770-2 becomes a widely-embraced—and therefore practical—answer to the software recognition challenge. Our growing list of licensees continues to validate our belief that for the forseeable future, the Apptria Software Catalog will remain a strategic asset to the industry and to those technologies that utilize it.

Through our network of OEM partners, the Apptria Software Catalog provides application identification on an estimated 27 million desktops globally. The catalog has been under continual development for over 15 years, drawing from data contributed not only by our own customers, but also the customers of our OEM partners—making it the most comprehensive database of its kind. By leveraging the superior application recognition made possible by the Apptria Software Catalog, our partners ensure their own solutions provide end-users the means of properly identifying the vast array of software installed and used across the enterprise—a capability that’s key to staying compliant with license agreements and optimizing the lifecycle of their software investments.

OEM partnerships such as ours with Numara Software create a “win” for the entire IT asset management ecosystem in that they allow us to continually reinvest in further developing the Apptria Software Catalog. This, in turn, enhances the accuracy and utility of the asset management tools offered by our partners—and ultimately benefits end-users who can finally obtain a reliable view of their license positions.

More information about the Apptria Software Catalog can be found here.