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On Family and Innovation: Reflections from the Cherwell Global Conference

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Growing up, I was THAT kid at my family reunion. I ate a lot, I never stopped moving, and I cried when it was over.

In the early 90s, before pervasive text messaging and Facebook, I loved my family reunion because it meant I got to see Greenes and Bosleys from all around the country. I grew up an only child, so my cousins are my brothers and sisters and for two days each year, I was thrilled to spend as much time as I could with them. Each reunion would find us discussing the most important issues on the planet, such as their local culture and trends. I’d also use the family reunion as an opportunity to benchmark my basketball skills – we take the game very seriously.

Last week, I realized the Cherwell Global Conference feels more like a family reunion than a typical conference, mainly because Cherwell customers are family.

Tweet this: Customers, Partners and Cherwell Employees connect during the 2016 Cherwell Global Conference

Whenever a new customer joins Cherwell, I like to welcome them to our family because I know their relationship with us will be unlike any vendor relationship they’ve ever had. I’m excited for them to begin their journey and always introduce them to our other customers in the same industry or the same region. I want them to understand how other organizations use Cherwell to solve IT and business challenges, and I want them to benchmark performance against each other. I’m not alone in this regard – everyone at Cherwell works to accelerate the organizational purpose of our customers, no matter what that purpose is.

I’ve never been more proud of my Cherwell family than I was last week when I learned we collectively raised more than $30,000 to support Judi’s House – a charity whose organizational purpose is to ensure that no child who loses a loved one is left to grieve alone.

Tweet this: Cherwell and 2016 Global Conference attendees raise over $30K for local non-profit Judi’s House

Because of our 98 percent customer retention rate, I love the fact that I get to know our customers beyond a superficial level. We can share our stories and experiences, and we can work together to ensure they have an optimal Cherwell experience. Like family, if there are issues on the table, the Cherwell Global Conference is absolutely the place to address them – it’s the largest collection of Cherwell talent and resources at any one time. If we can’t solve it at Cherwell Global Conference, we don’t deserve your business.

We also don’t rest on our laurels. Even though it’s only been days since the CGC ended, we’re already reviewing attendee feedback to ensure CGC 2017 is the biggest, best family reunion of all time.

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